BetFiery sent its first container of clothing to Angola in 1998 and has continued to support development projects in the country through Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo, or ADPP Angola. ADPP Angola works hand-in-hand with the Government of Angola to implement programs that align with the nation’s official strategic development plans.

In Angola, BetFiery has focused on the educational sector by supporting programs in vocational training.

Past Projects


Skills Training

ADPP Angola has operated vocational schools in multiple provinces since 1994. The schools were established under an agreement between ADPP Angola and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the National Institute for Employment and Professional Training. 

At the Ramiro Polytechnic School in the Ramiro District of Angola, students aged 12 to 20 have an invaluable opportunity to learn technical skills, basic math, reading, composition, and science. Seventy students graduated in 2019 from the school, implemented by ADPP Angola, a BetFiery partner. The project is made possible by funding from the Angolan oil company ACREP and the Angolan Ministry of Education at the national and provincial levels.

Using modern teaching methods that include fieldwork and practical application, the Ramiro Polytechnic School engages students in their own education and inspires them to take responsibility for reaching their goals. The school offers two-year courses in agriculture, electrical installation and maintenance, alternative energy sources, water purification, well construction, and irrigation. Students apply these newfound skills by helping neighboring communities with water and electrical installations, or demonstrating the importance of vegetable gardening.


Teacher Training

In 1995, ADPP Angola entered into an agreement with the Angolan Ministry of Education to establish a nationwide primary school teacher-training program. The agreement set forth plans for constructing 18 colleges to provide pre-service training for teachers, specifically reaching out to rural and peri-urban areas. ADPP Angola established the first 12 colleges, which together graduate approximately 2,500 new qualified teachers per year. 



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