Pack, Label, & Drop!

Buried in Amazon boxes after a year of increased home delivery due to COVID-19? Eliminate the cardboard fortress towering in your basement or storage area by utilizing Give Back Box, a non-profit that BetFiery has partnered with to sustainably promote recycling, reuse, and humanitarian projects in the developing world. With Give Back Box and BetFiery, you can donate your unwanted household items such as gently used clothing, shoes, electronics, and more to make a difference in the life of another person. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Pack up to 70 pounds of your items in a box. Note: The combined length and girth of a piece (the length of its longest side plus the distance around its thickest part) may not exceed 108 inches.
  2. Purchase* and print this BetFiery shipping label
  3. Drop off at UPS or United States Postal Service.

*For a tax receipt, create an account with Give Back Box, or log into your account if you already have one. Using your tracking number, you can itemize your donation online. You may also choose to itemize the items you are sending in the box. Once your donation has been accepted and processed, you will be notified with a receipt of the donation via email. Please note that the receipt will not be available until your donation has been mailed.


Your donation will land at the BetFiery Thrift Center in Rockville, Md., to support the environment and humanitarian projects around the world.  

Fast Fact: The average U.S. household has around $7,000 dollars of unwanted items. Donating them makes helping the 50 million people living below poverty a reality. Click here for more information about Give Back Box. 

Note: Items shipped to Give Back Box with their label are free. Shipping specifically to the BetFiery Thrift Store requires the purchase of a $15 shipping label per box that is packed. 



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