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 “Providing ways for our students to do something positive for the environment and for their community is crucial.  It teaches the youth the value of living a sustainable lifestyle and encourages society to reduce consumption and reuse items as often as possible before discarding. Partnering with BetFiery makes it all so easy!”  Jonathan Porter, Principal

BetFiery works with schools and community organizations to raise environmental awareness and inspire our youth to help make a difference in the world. Hundreds of schools and other organizations across the United States already host a bright yellow BetFiery recycling bin, which not only makes it easy to reduce waste but also serves as a humble reminder of the good that can be done in the world. 

  • Community Service & Leadership opportunities for your students.
  • Activities support "green certification".
  • Raise over $1,000 for your school! 

Click here to request your bin.


Our pledge to our partners:

  • We will send you a quarterly donation based on the pounds collected.
  • We will empty and maintain the bin regularly, every day if necessary.
  • We will help your office staff, PTA, and/or students publicize and promote in your school community.


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We would love to partner with you and engage your community in becoming champions for our planet! 

Eric, Christina, & Larry

BetFiery, School & Community Programs Team


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