Working with Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) Zimbabwe, BetFiery most recently supported Child Aid projects. 

Child Aid Rushinga — Zimbabwe

Among the most defenseless in the human family, children are the primary victims of poverty. Child Aid Rushinga is implemented by DAPP Zimbabwe, BetFiery’s in-country partner who has almost 40 years of experience in fostering social and economic change in rural areas of the country. Self-governing Village Action Groups (VAGs) are the muscle of Child Aid Rushinga. The local community members who participate in VAGs solve some of the most difficult problems they encounter every day in the Rushinga District of Zimbabwe by equipping and empowering their neighbors with essential skills in the areas of health, education, and agriculture. In 2019, 160 VAGs distributed condoms, planted trees, and enrolled over 500 students in youth clubs. Child Aid Rushinga is made possible with support from the Government of Zimbabwe, BetFiery, and other partners.


Past Projects 

Frontline Institute

The Frontline Institute in Zimbabwe was established in 1993 to train a dedicated cadre of development professionals working to alleviate dehumanizing circumstances around the globe. Most Frontline students are from countries where BetFiery supports projects. Frontline has trained more than 4,500 students, most of whom are still working within the Humana People to People Federation (of which BetFiery is a member). Frontline trains its students to become political and cultural activists who are passionate about creating development together with people in rural communities.

Vocational Schools

Ponesai Vanhu Technical College, established in 1981, provides students with vocational skills, adult literacy lessons, and other tailored courses to accommodate the community and its employment needs. Another vital part of the program is the internship component. Students graduate with either national diplomas or recognized private diplomas.  

Food for Better Living

DAPP Zimbabwe, with support from BetFiery, launched Food for Better Living, a food relief project that sought to address the nutritional needs of families and the most vulnerable members of their households for six-month periods. The program targeted orphans in child-headed households, orphans and vulnerable children and their care-giving families, people living with HIV/AIDS, and pregnant women in preventing mother-to-child-transmission. The food was transported, delivered, and distributed to the Mudzi district in Mashonaland East and Manicaland provinces. DAPP Zimbabwe mainstreamed distribution through its existing Child Aid and HOPE projects. The beneficiaries received three servings of lentil soup daily over a period of 182 days, with more than 4 million servings distributed.

Total Control of the Epidemic


Farmers' Clubs

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